Samstag, 17. März 2018

the reason why some think that they are gay

Did 1,000 years of history destroyed? Yes.Coins are one Proof. Must See to believe.

Hidden Prove The quran is Fake

2018 Academy Awards Extravaganza

Two broke girls Transvestigation|The Sky Is Faling Transvestigations

what if we talked about important matters

the have it easy on us to controll us they have us well taught to be scared of our free opinions and to share it with others.
thera are a lot of people to come on this site. so if people would make their own page to share the information with others how big would be the knownlege be on this world and the fear would be less.

just a tought

The Five Trillion Dollar Cold War Hoax

9/11 NO FLOORS: A Transparent Deceit

9/11 twin towers hollow .. no floors .. 2017


Afghanistan war HOAX lies down Nothing to See here Liars and HOAXERS

Benjamin Freedman on World War 1 & 2 - Hoax of the 20th century